Zeke Elliot’s 60-yd Split Zone TD with a Special Influence

Ezekiel Elliot all but sealed a Cowboys victory with a 60 yard touchdown run to put Dallas up 28-0 in a Week 5 matchup against the Bengals. The play was a traditional under center split zone scheme, but included one wrinkle that made all the difference, Jason Witten’s flat route:

Zeke 60

The Cowboys offensive line executed textbook combination blocks in the split zone scheme, with left tackle (#77) Tyron Smith blocking out, left guard (#65) Ronald Leary and center (#72) Travis Frederick combining to block the defensive tackle up to the left outside linebacker, and right guard (#70) Zack Martin combo blocking with right tackle (#68) Doug Free to take care of 3-technique (#97) Geno Atkins and middle linebacker (#58) Rey Maualuga. Tight End (#87) Geoff Swaim blocks across the formation to pick up “EMLOS”, or the end man on the line of scrimmage, (#96) Carlos Dunlap.

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Romo’s Pocket Presence and the Scramble Drill lead Dallas to Victory in Seattle

While DeMarco Murray sealed the win at Seattle with a great run, an incredible 3rd and 20 completion from Tony Romo to Terrance Williams allowed the game winning drive to continue. Romo showed great pocket awareness to escape pressure and the Cowboys Wide Receivers executed a “Scramble Drill” to set up the Romo-Williams connection. Below is the look pre-snap with the route combinations. There’s not many play calls for 3rd and 20, so Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley are running to the First Down marker and curling up, while Dez Bryant is trying to stretch the field vertically. DeMarco Murray and Jason Witten each “chip” a pass rusher to help the offensive line before getting into their routes. Take note of 3 key elements to this play: Wide Receiver Terrance Williams, Quarterback Tony Romo, and circled Seahawk defender Bruce Irvin:


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