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My name is Dan Syed– I’m a football junkie (mostly NFL, but some college) and lawyer. I had the opportunity to play both Quarterback and Wide Receiver at The College of New Jersey (Division III).

I began my coaching career in 2010 as a student assistant at TCNJ, working with the Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers. In 2011 I served as the Pass Game coordinator for TCNJ during a 7-3 campaign, including a victory over then undefeated No. 6 Montclair State. Senior QB Jay Donoghue was named a Division III college player of the year and finished the year with single season school records in total yards and completions. TCNJ’s then Offensive Coordinator, Bobby Acosta, is currently the offensive coordinator at Bucknell University. In 2012, I was the Offensive coordinator as well as Wide Receivers Coach at Bergen Tech High School.

I currently do personal training for Quarterbacks of all ages.  I am involved in coaching at Complete QB camps around the country with Director Chris Johnston. I’ve spoken at youth football clinics on Quarterback and Wide Receiver fundamentals. Additionally, I am the Co-director for Complete Wideout.

I greatly enjoy writing and reading about football strategy, scheme, and philosophy. In addition to my site, I contribute analysis to Inside the PylonNFL Breakdowns, and James Light Football. My scheme and concept breakdowns are used to teach NFL Scouts at the Scouting Academy. I recently began helping define particular football terms at the Inside the Pylon’s Football Glossary. Inside the Pylon hopes to make this the most comprehensive teaching tool of football terms for all levels of football.

Special thanks to my wife Rija, my brothers Shawn and Harris, and my Mom and Dad for their continued support and football enthusiasm, as well as reviewing my posts before publishing!




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  1. Hey coach. I am a college student who is an inspiring scout, and I would love to talk to you sometime and get some advice on football related things. I enjoy your website.

  2. Hey, coach. I tweeted you because it would not let me DM you. I can talk anytime Friday or Monday, but most likely I could work with any day its good for you. Thank you.

  3. Hi,

    I have a client that is interested in advertising on your blog and any other sports related properties you may own (U.S. focused). Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Sports Media

  4. Hi Coach, I am an aspiring football coach that would love the opportunity to talk to you a bit. I have an interesting background as I didn’t play college football but I am trying to get back into the X’s and O’s and would love the chance to pick your brain.

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