Yankee Route Combo vs. Single High Safety Coverage

I broke down the Yankee route combination for James Light Football here. The Yankee route combination is a common concept seen in the NFL, especially amongst teams with speed receivers. Washington and Buffalo are two teams that utilize the Yankee combo often with DeSean Jackson and Sammy Watkins. The Yankee route combo is a great concept for teams with a speed receiver and a credible running game.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 8.42.24 PM

The Stick Concept & its Many Variations

The Stick Concept is one of the most popular passing plays in today’s NFL and NCAA. The scheme is simple and can be run with countless variations. The Stick Concept is a high percentage throw that minimizes how long lineman must protect. It can also be run as a part of a packaged play. In its most basic form, the Stick Concept is a three man scheme with a vertical stretch, a horizontal stretch, and the Stick route.┬áThe outside most receiver provides a vertical stretch and works for an outside release, the middle receiver provides a horizontal stretch and attacks the flat, usually via a speed out. Finally, the most inside receiver runs the “stick” route, attacking vertically for about 5 yards before sticking his foot in the ground and turning for the football. Below is an example from Week 1 of the 2014 season:

Roddy White Stick Route

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